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Hive Mind DVD

Meet the last man on Earth, conservative talk show host Doug Trench. Autographed by the director!

$19.99 USD

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Hive Mind Poster

Put Doug Trench on your wall! Let him stare down at you for all eternity! Autographed by the director!

$19.99 USD

Hive Mind T-Shirt

Help Hive Mind assimilate Earth. Turn your body into a billboard for the Hive and look sexy doing it!

$24.00 USD

Hive Mind Assimilation Combo

Hive Mind DVD, Poster, and T-Shirt! Save money by spending more, and all of that!

$49.99 USD

Flatland DVD

Ladd Ehlinger Jr's first film. Something completely different! Autographed by the director, too!

$24.00 USD

Combo: Hive Mind DVD + Flatland DVD

Save money by ordering both of Ladd Ehlinger Jr's films! Save money on hours of back-to-back mental gyrations!

$34.99 USD

Super Combo: All Of The Above

For the Hiver that simply must have it all: Hive Mind, Poster, T-Shirt, and Flatland! Makes a great gift!

$54.99 USD