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What is Hive Mind?

The Future of Humanity

Hive Mind is the future of humanity. It is a collective consciousness born from implant-cell-phone-technology gone awry, comprised of every human being on earth from Britney Spears to John Kerry...

The lone hold-out is Doug Trench, conservative talk-show host and stevedore of freedom. He's lived in a bunker for twenty years, ever since humanity was consumed by the collective.

Hive Mind rules Earth with love. Eco-friendly and imminently progressive, Hive Mind is pollution free, boasting a completely carbon-free footprint. Hive Mind is poverty-free, war-free, and freedom-free. It brooks no dissent for it has no dissent.

It is Hive Mind. It thinks, therefore you are.

Mankind is Hive Mind.

Earth is Hive Mind.

You are Hive Mind.